Hi I’m Rosemary Molloy, Author of two cookbooks Authentic Italian Desserts and an ebook It’s all about Pasta and the blogger over at An Italian in my Kitchen, where I love sharing authentic Italian recipes and more.

I decided to open a second website where I could share one of my favourite baking past times and that is Bread making. Nothing better than the smell of fresh bread in the oven.

I actually decided to go with bread making not only because I was surrounded by wonderful bread makers from a young age, but also because I learned to love bread making again, thanks to my mother-in-law

I have wonderful visions of her carrying her huge basket of newly risen dough down to the wood burning stove, where she would shape the dough to make some of the best homemade bread and pizza I have ever eaten. This got me thinking how much I would love to start devoting my time to bread making once again.

To start off I signed myself up for a couple of classes in Toronto, how to make sour dough bread from a starter and how to make a Babka bread. 

Since I am basically a beginner bread maker myself I decided to start of with some of the simpler recipes, such as an Easy Italian Bread, or a simple Yogurt Brioche Bread.

and why not include some Sweet Breads and Speciality Breads?  I hope you enjoy the recipes and don’t forget to let me know what you think of them. 

Because I love to cook and bake so much, I decided to sign up for a few (quite a few) on line cooking classes, as you all know the year 2020 didn’t leave much else to do. I am glad to report that I completed the Baking Arts Course at George Brown College in Toronto, Canada with 100%, the Baking Arts Theory course – 85%, the Chocolate Theory course with 92%. I am at the moment taking a Bread Course and my Chocolate Course starts on Saturday! So fun and interesting.

You can reach me at rosemolloy59@yahoo.ca



Hi! I’m Erika and I’m Rosemary’s daughter. I create content  for An Italian in my Kitchen’s Youtube channel together with my sister Vanessa and I will be posting recipes here. I am very excited to join this lovely foodie community! I grew up in a small town in Italy so I’ve always been surrounded by delicious food. I moved to Canada right after high school to study Journalism and at the end of my studies I realized I missed my family and homemade Italian food very much so I decided to move back home for a bit. This is when it clicked for me. I tried baking for the first time on my own and I loved it. I just wanted to make delicious and beautiful desserts that could make the people around me happy and excited. 

With this new passion growing in me I moved back to Canada and in 2019 I started taking baking classes at George Brown. I began the Baking Arts Program and I’ve currently completed 5 courses: Baking Arts, Breads, Cakes 1, Cookies 1 and Italian Baking. 

I love making bread, but cookies and cakes are my true loves. I love traveling to new countries and learning about local desserts and baking techniques I haven’t heard of and I try to take baking classes in different cities whenever possible. 

Let’s go make some delicious baked goods, shall we?