Sourdough Hot Cross  Bun Bread

Sourdough Hot Cross Bun Bread


Milk Sourdough Starter Honey Brown Sugar Butter Vanilla Egg Salt Cinnamon Nutmeg Allspice Flour Raisins

Step 1

Mix together the milk, honey & sourdough starter, add the remaining ingredients and part of the flour ,except for the raisins.

Step 2

Knead to form a compact dough add the raisins and knead again.

Step 3

On a flat surface form into a round dough ball.

Step 4

Place in a lightly oiled bowl and let rise until doubled in bulk.

Step 5

Gently form into a loaf shape and place in the prepared loaf pan, cover & let rise.

Step 6

Form a triple cross on the bread with a flour glaze and

Step 7