Refrigerator Dough Braided Cinnamon Bread



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Refrigerator Dough  Granulated Sugar Brown Sugar Butter  Cinnamon Icing Sugar Cream  Vanilla

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Step 1

Remove the dough from the fridge. On a floured flat surface roll the dough into a rectangle, approximately 16×12 inches.

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Step 2

In a small bowl mix together the sugars and cinnamon, add the butter to make a smooth paste. 

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Step 3

Spread the cinnamon paste on top of the rectangle leaving 1/4 inch boarder around the rectangle.

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Step 4

Firmly roll up the dough from the long end, and pinch the ends to seal. With a sharp knife slice down in the center of the roll.

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Step 5

Twist the 2 halves together.

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Step 6

Curl one end toward the middle wrapping it around to form a circle.

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Step 7

Place the dough seam-side down on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet, cover and let rise in a draft free warm place for approximately 1-2 hours.

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Step 8

Bake in a pre-heated oven for 25-30 minutes. Move the bread to a cooling rack to cool to warm. Drizzle with the simple glaze while still warm. Cut and serve!

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